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TM928 No.5 Bench Hand Plane

TM928 No.5 Bench Hand Plane

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Price: 150.00 / 165.00

Designed for stock removal when preparing timber prior to finishing. As part of our 'Woodworking Genius' range, this plane is a highly attractive and functional tool that aims to give you an accurate and smooth finish. Fitted with rosewood handles, brass fittings and bronze lever cap, the blade is 50% thicker than standard bench planes available. Beautiful and affordable in todays climate and as part of our Woodworking Genius range, this plane comes with its own wooden presentation box with sliding lid.
Blade size: 190 x 50.8 x 3mm
Blade Hardness: 60~64
Sole size: 355 x 62 x 40mm


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