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TM923 Bronze Cap Low Angle Block Plane

TM923 Bronze Cap Low Angle Block Plane

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The body of this low angle block plane is made of stress relieved cast iron. The 3 mm thick high carbon steel blade which is 30% thicker than standard blades on the market, is hardened to 61 - 63 HRC. An ideal plane which fits nicely with high priced planes and low end planes.

• Total length 163 mm (6-1/2".)
• Plane body width 44 mm (1-3/4".)
• Blade width 35 mm (1-3/8")
• Blade thickness 3 mm (1/8".)
• Blade hardness 61 - 63 HRC
• Cutting angle: 38° (Iron bedded at 13°)
• Weight 850gr
Good Woodworking magazine gave 5 / 5 in their review Jan 2010 edition of the TM922 which is essentially the same plane as this one.
A leading plane manufacturer has suggested that these planes are much better than the Stanley Sweethearts!
A product from our 'Woodworking Genius' range.


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