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TM905 Shoulder Rebate Plane

TM905 Shoulder Rebate Plane

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A multi purpose plane. The plane combines the features of a shoulder rebate, chisel plane and adjustable mouth bull-nose plane. As a shoulder plane, the front extension piece is fitted as a chisel plane all nose pieces are removed; and as a bull-nose plane, the thinner nose piece is fitted in conjunction with one or both of the precision machined steel shims (1/32" and 1/64") - or for very fine work, without either shim. The body is machined from a quality grey iron casting and precision ground on the sole and sides. The lever arm is also of grey iron. The cutting iron fits smoothly onto the machined pads in the body and can be adjusted by means of the screw. Bright Ground finish. Specification: Cutter: 1.1/8" (29mm) wide - High Quality Oil Hardened Tool Steel, 59-61 Rockwell "C" Hardness, cutting edge ground to 25 deg. Primary and 30 deg. Secondary. Length: 6" (152mm) Approx. Weight: 2lbs (0.9kg) An absolute bargain at this price, the only other plane that we have found that is very similar to this one, is for sale at £190. Great quality tool at a very affordable price and would make an ideal gift for any serious woodworker.

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