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TM565 Large Head Brass Carvers Mallet

TM565 Large Head Brass Carvers Mallet

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A 32oz brass carvers mallet, with a head diameter of just 47mm, which can deliver powerful blows to drive your carving tools and chisels using efficient, short strokes. All the mass is concentrated in a compact brass head which delivers the deadest of deadblows; there's absolutely no rebound, so every bit of energy you put into a strike goes straight to the tool in hand. Much smaller than wooden mallets of half the heft, yet you don't even have to swing your arm, just let your wrist pivot to strike any chisel as powerfully (or as gently) as needed. These mallets are perfect for just about any kind of work, Designed for the sensitivity and control in cutting mortises, dovetails, and wood carving. Fitted with solid brass head with hardwood handle. This mallet feels balanced even when you grip the mallet up to the neck, a non-tiring design.
• Brass head is 100mm long
• Overall length 230mm.

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