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TM108 Steerable Sledge

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Sledging has just been brought into the 21st Century! The 'Steerable Sledge' is a re-invention of the classic Flexible Flyer. It captures the mood and imagination of a sledding era long gone by with new technology and functionality, this sled is capable of mountain riding with precise steering and control. The 'Steerable Sledge' is ergonomically designed with a chassis that feels like an extension of your body, almost as though you are gliding directly at ground level. The result for the consumer is a Ferrari-class handling and Mercedes-class comfort, on even the most challenging winter surfaces. The precision-engineered aluminum frame, interchangeable polycarbonate skis, and revolutionary suspension fabric seating are designed to accommodate everything and everyone from rough terrain to apprentice sledgers. You can even use the 'Steerable Sledge' at ski slopes, thanks to the precise G-Steering mechanism and ultra-high performance pro-carving skis, which, let you make tiny adjustments on the fly. As a result, you can execute turns at lightning speed, freestyle moves and handle any bumps, jumps and grooves while maintaining total control. The 'Steerable Sledge' simply takes advantage of a century-old legacy of sledding.

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