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Microplane Rotary Shaper

Microplane Rotary Shaper

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Enjoy shaping with precision and control. Hundreds of razor sharp mini teeth in the form of a drum, for use with a power drill. Microplane blades are made from 400 series stainless steell and have been fitted to an aluminium extrusion which is provided with a 5/16" shank. The beauty of this method of shaping is the resulting waste, which is tiny shavings rather than dust, and the superior finish left by a tool that cuts rather than scrapes, tears or abrades, creating clouds of dust. Recommended to run at between 1,000-2,000rpm and not exceed 2,500rpm. The Rotary Shapers rotate clockwise. Materials being fed into the shaper should be fed left of centre to reduce kickback. Available in two sizes 1" or 2", with replacement baldes available for both. Also available is a follower kit which allows you to 'trace' a profile as you shape in order to copy it.

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