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Crown 220 6pc. Wood Carving Set

Crown 220 6pc. Wood Carving Set

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Our most poplular product on the site to date. Made in Sheffield, a small wood carving tools set, ideal for the beginner, with 4.1/2in (114mm) stained Beech handles for fine cutting, chip carving and small or delicate work, made from high quality carbon steel, ready honed blades and set in a nice display box, ideal for that perfect gift. This results in a beautiful chisel of the highest quality. Their well balanced design combined with their pleasing look make Crown chisels the choice of many woodcarvers. The set features:
• 8mm Square chisel
• 8mm Bent square chisel
• 8mm Skew chisel
• 5mm Straight gauge
• 8mm Bent gauge
• 5mm Bent V tool
Presented in a beautiful display box. The ideal gift.

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