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A45 Multi-Plane

A45 Multi-Plane

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[Brand new and affordable] The multi-plane, as its name implies, will perform a wide range of planing operations required by the cabinet maker and joiner.
The many outstanding features of the ANANT multiplane include: Screw adjustment to cut iron, also to fence and depth gauge, two sets of fence arms (long and short), beading stop, slitting cutter, sliding section depth gauge, cam steady, and spurs for cross grain work. 23 cut irons are supplied (in a storage pouch) with the plane as standard equipment. A comprehensive instruction booklets supplied with each plane. Materials Body and Sliding Section : High grade cast iron. Cut Iron : High Carbon Steel. Fence : Cast iron with wood face. Handle and knob Selected hardwood / High quality plastic. Finish: Plated all over. Supplied with wooden storage box with locking hasp. consisting of:
• Ploughing
• Dadoing
• Beading
• Centre Beading
• 5. Rabbeting and Fillistering
• 6. Match Planing
• 7. Ssh Planing
• 8. Slitting

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