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11metre Gorilla Tape

11metre Gorilla Tape

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Bonds to things ordinary tapes can't, including brick, wood & more. Grips smooth, rough and uneven surfaces. Made with double thick (17mm) adhesive, strong reinforced backing and a tough all-weather shell.It's the biggest, strongest thing to ever happen to tape! 1. Tough All-Weather Shell. The outer black exterior of Gorilla Tape helps create a barrier that can withstand harsh elements, creates tough abrasion resistance and forms a tight barrier against moisture. 2. Strong Reinforced Backing. A tight weave reinforced backing, woven for improved conformability to surface features, contributes to Gorilla Tape's unique heft and unsurpassed ease of use. Incredibly strong, yet can be ripped by hand, another Gorilla Advantage! 3. Double Thick Adhesive The thicker the adhesive, the better the tape. Double thick aggressive adhesive, laid on extra thick, fills gaps for a stickier grip, especially in applications involving rough, porous or imperfect surfaces.

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